Campus Partners

  • The Butler Center offers a wide range of volunteer and advocacy-based service and leadership opportunities, programs, and initiatives for the UM community.
  • The goal of the Center is to provide mutual understanding among groups and cultures, provide support for research in the humanities, and enrich the intellectual culture of the University and community.

  • Part of the Division of Continuing & International Education (DCIE). Their staff assists educators in all aspects of traditional, blended, and online instruction.

  • The Learning Innovation and Faculty Engagement team partners with faculty members, academic units, and other university stakeholders to advance the culture of teaching and learning at the U.

  • The Lowe Art Museum's mission is to serve UM as a teaching resource, and the residents of and visitors to greater Miami as its major general art museum.
  • CCE seeks to connect students, faculty, and community organizations together in a collaborative process that translates academic knowledge into civic responsibility to promote positive social change.

  • The goal of the Office of Faculty Affairs is to recruit, retain, and support a world-class faculty at the University of Miami. Their mission is to lead and serve an inclusive and internationally renowned academic community through the practice of our Common Purpose, Values, and Behaviors.
  • Green U is more than just an office; it is the culmination of all efforts to increase sustainability throughout the University while educating its community to be better stewards of the environment.

  • The Office of Undergraduate Research and Community Outreach supports the larger University of Miami's mission to “transform lives through education, research, innovation, and service.”

  • The School of Education & Human Development consists of three departments: Educational and Psychological Studies, Kinesiology and Sport Sciences, and Teaching and Learning. They also conduct important research centered around the scholarship of teaching and learning. 

  • The Standing Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is entrusted with researching, recommending, and promoting educational and programmatic efforts that are consistent with the University’s unwavering dedication to diversity and inclusion. 
  • The mission of the Study Abroad Office at UM is to promote and foster international education and multicultural understanding. Through its study abroad and exchange programs, this office strengthens the global perspectives of the campus community at UM.

  • The Toppel Career Center prepares students to make educated decisions as they explore the ever-changing landscape of careers.
  • UMIT's mission is to provide innovative, secure, and reliable solutions in collaboration with stakeholders that enhance teaching and learning at the university level.

  • UML provides faculty, students, researchers, and staff with the highest quality access to collections, information services, learning support, and digital expertise.